You’re an unscrupulous private


You’re on the trail of a serial killer, gathering as much evidence as possible. You’re also using your contacts in the criminal under- ground to sabotage the investigations of your rival detectives (other players) to make sure you’re the only one who finds the killer and gets the reward. One man has offered to help you and your rival detectives. His name is Dr. Xyko (aka Dr. Xyko “The Psycho”). He is a brilliant criminal psychologist but also an imprisoned serial killer. Be wary of Dr. Xyko, however. He’s bored in jail and would like nothing more than to drive you all insane!


Set-up Video

The Set-up video shows you how to go from opening the box to starting a game.

About the Designer

My name is Gary Chavez. In one way or another, I’ve been designing games since I was a boy. But it wasn’t until I met a local group of game designers called the Cincinnati Tabletop Game Designers Guild that things got serious. This talented group has helped me bring my games to the next level. I love being part of the vibrant game design community, learning from others, and passing on what I’ve learned.

Rules Overview Video

This video gives a quick overview of the rules of Saints and Scoundrels.

Gameplay Video

Watch Saints and Scoundrels being played at “A Game Knight” in Hamilton, OH.
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Saints and Scoundrels Card Art

Below is prototype art for Saints and Scoundrels. Each card represents a different character in the game with a specific ability.