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On July, 16 1945, the first test of a nuclear weapon at Trinity fails, in effect, ending America's quest for nuclear power. Two days later, the first test of Omega power succeeds. Omega is a process that creates super-powered soldiers. Instead of two nuclear bombs, two small groups of Omega-powered soldiers, Omega Force One and Omega Force Two, parachute into Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Despite heavy losses, the Omega troops devastate both cities. Japan surrenders a few days later.

Thus, begins the legend of Omega Force...

Welcome to Omega Force!

Imagine putting the super-powers of the X-Men or Justice League into a bunch of guns and gear. Then giving the guns and gear to G.I. Joe. This is the basic idea behind Omega Force.

Omega Force uses the Mutants and Masterminds 2e rules. I’ve tried to keep this pretty straight forward, focusing on new feats, skills, and powers to give the core M&M rules a more military "flavor". The new feats, skills, and powers spotlight the deadliest aspects of being a soldier, namely rigorous training, seamless teamwork, and a lifetime devoted to perfecting the art of war.

Basic Premesis

Througout this web site, certain assumptions are made about the world of Omega Force and how it works. Gamemasters are free to tinker with these basic premises as desired, but should be aware that changing them can and should alter the character and feel of the setting.

Omega Energy and Technology - Omega is a mysterious form of energy that is the source of all super-powers. The “Omega process” makes a person, a generator of Omega energy. A person who has gone through this process is called an “omegan” or an “O-gen”. There is no other source of Omega energy except O-gens. O-gens power Omega weapons, gear, and technology. Many super powers can be achieved through Omega technology. A normal person (a non-O-gen) can’t use Omega technology. An O-gen without Omega weapons or gear has no special powers. Omega weapons or gear without an O-gen has no special powers (and does not function at all)

Alternate History - Much of history of "Omega Force" matches our own history. The two begin to diverge with the development of nuclear energy. Instead of nuclear energy, the Earth of "Omega Force" developed Omega energy.

Venom - During the 1980's and 1990's, Omega Force's primary adversary was a terrorist group known as Venom. Venom's leader is a mysterious man known as "Overlord". Overlord along with Venom's senior leadership

Venom's Revenge - Omega Force captured Overlord and brought him to trial. During the trial Overlord claimed to have set a plan of "ultimate revenge" in motion. Then he killed himself. This ultimate revenge seems to have been the creation of a dozen or so Omega-powered terrorists, who all strive for world conquest. So instead of fighting one large group of terrorists, Omega Force is now fighting a dozen smaller terrorist organizations. While the groups are smaller, their independence from each other makes them more difficult to fight and track than one large organization.

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